What happens to your beautiful, finished basement when you find water there after a storm? Because of all that work put into finishing, the source of the water is concealed, and now you must start removing drywall, turning your once comfortable basement into a messy construction zone.

The answer to this problem is a DWall System that allows you to remove your drywall piece by piece, revealing your foundation wall for inspection, and then, upon discovering and repairing the source of the leak, re-install the drywall with no mess or damage to the walls.

Our DWall System will allow you easy access to your concrete foundation for inspection and repair if required, and then effortlessly return the finished wall to its original condition. When we design your finished basement, we will make all of the concrete wall accessible. Together with a water sensor and alarm, this system will eliminate the need for insurance claims.

Basements have a high risk of unwanted water entering through cracks, Snap-Ties, Honeycombing, Sump Pump failure, or worse yet, Hydrostatic Pressure. To minimize the risk of basement leakage going unnoticed until substantial damage has already been caused, easy access to the concrete foundation wall for inspection and repair is critical.

• How to finish your basement with no damage or waste of drywall when you get a leak?
• How to install drywall but still have easy access for concrete foundation inspection and repair?

Most of a basement is usually located below grade and water can find its way in through cracks, Snap-Ties, Honeycombing, or from around pipes coming through your concrete wall.

The first question you should ask yourself is, “What happens if my basement leaks?” We offer a professionally finished basement with no damage to the walls and flooring when water leaks happen. Our work is professionally designed with proper materials used that can be re-used after repairing water leakage in the basement.

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